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Jaimee is an experienced dog trainer who founded Mush Dog Training. “Mush” is inspired by her husky racing days in her youth. She began working with the rehabilitation of racing greyhounds and successfully re-homed many hounds, discovering her natural talent for understanding and communicating with dogs of all breeds and personalities.

Jaimee's mission is to help owners build strong, healthy relationships with their dogs using various effective training methods. She tailors her training programmes to meet the individual needs of each dog and owner, covering puppy training, basic obedience, behaviour modification and more. Jaimee is incredibly passionate about helping dogs and their owners live harmoniously, promoting understanding of dog psychology and providing tools and techniques to help their dogs reach their full potential. A well-trained dog is a happy dog, and a person with a well-trained dog is a happy person.

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Jaimee Allerby
Founder, Mush Dog Training


Mush Dog Training is a professional dog training service based in central Auckland, offering a range of effective dog training packages tailored to meet your needs. Jaimee's services include Puppy Training for new puppy owners, One-Off Sessions to address specific issues, Subscription Training for a comprehensive training programme, or a customised Bespoke Plan. We'll meet in the comfort of your home, allowing you to share your concerns before delivering the specific training and behavioural modifications required. Most if not all issues are created and occur within the home, so Jaimee believes it is essential to begin all sessions at the source.

Specialist Services

Puppy Training


Dog Training - Basic Obedience


Dog Training - Behavioural Correction



One-Off Session

Resolving behavioural and obedience issues can be easy once you understand the underlying cause of the problem. Jaimee will come to your home for a tailored 1-on-1 consultation that will help you to create a deeper connection with your dog and equip you with the knowledge, tools and techniques that will help change your dog’s behaviour.
Starting at $150 (excluding gst) for an hour session

Training Subscription

This package has three private dog training sessions. Recommended 2-4 weeks in between the private in-home dog training sessions.
Starting at 3x sessions for $420 (excluding gst)

1-1 Structured Walk

One-on-one local walks offer dedicated time for basic training and reinforcement of good behaviours established from our training programme, such as loose leash walking or obedience commands, helping to develop and maintain positive habits. Home pick up/drop off and update included.
Starting at $60 (excluding gst) for a 1 hour session

Bespoke Plan

Have specific needs? Jaimee will develop a custom programme that works best around you and your dog.
Price TBC on requirements


a labrador sunbathing after a session

We contacted Jaimee when we were contemplating getting a puppy but were unsure whether we could juggle training a puppy with three small children! She was excellent, providing us with a training plan and giving us heaps of advice on her visits. Spark is now a joy to have at home and this is due to Jaimee. I highly recommend her to anyone who will listen.

Sarah Houghton



Labrador Retriever, 5months

a labrador sunbathing

We had done the basics with our pup Maia but had a few issues around behaviour on the leash and walking, with pulling and barking at other dogs. We thought we’d just have to get used to it, but after a session with Jaimee she was a different dog. Jaimee has such a special connection with dogs and Maia was so calm around her - not to mention how incredibly patient Jaimee was with us too! She gave us some tips and tricks to keep working on and helped us embed the new behaviour in a manageable way. We love our dog walks now and are so grateful for her help. We can’t recommend her enough! Thanks Jaimee!

Rachael and Ben Spencer



Labrador Retriever, 3 years

A doberman after a play session

Jaimee has been invaluable in allowing Ciar to become the best dog and best friend to me through honing my skills as an owner. As daunting as getting a Doberman for a first dog was, I've gone from being a total beginner to feeling confident in almost any scenario with him and confidently being able to understand his needs, communication methods and psychology to provide him the best life and get the most out of our relationship as owner and pet. Her impact being involved whilst he was a puppy has helped form him into an obedient and respectful pup. I will be eternally grateful for the impact Jaimee has made for me and my best bud!




Doberman, 15mo

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